About me

Hello everyone,

If you want to know something about me… this is the right blog tab to read it ūüôā

I’m an IT enthusiast, interested in all aspects of it, ranging from desktop to datacentre management,¬†from an excel spread sheet to the most complex CRM, whether is a network equipment, computer or storage device, and if it’s running Windows, Linux or¬†OSX flavours. And¬†I have about 19 years experience with those and many IT other solutions, most of them¬†as a System Administrator.

I work with Microsoft software, but I never¬†refuse¬†a chance to test and integrate with a different platform. I made this choice so¬†I could get a deep knowledge (dll level if necessary) and to be a good professional with those solutions. I’m not a MS fanatic (don’t have any tattoo or posters) and I don’t consider Microsoft software¬†better than others…. every solution is good if it fits our needs.

I spent 15 years trying to be part of Microsoft, but after the 10th attempt I got the message and realize I just don’t have the profile (or enthusiasm it was referred as the last interview) and gave up.

I worked at a Telecom Group as a Pre-sales IT consultant and system architect. My main role¬†was to¬†make¬†Unified Communication and Videoconference¬†service proposals. This includes design, consulting, price quotes, write an appealing proposal to a customer and,¬†whenever it’s possible,¬†implementing it. My solutions were (of course) based on Windows, Exchange and Lync Server. But since was at a¬†Telecom company I also work and integrate with telephony solutions such as Cisco UC.

Later I also accumulate work as System Engineer deploying and managing the companies solution for Cloud Service Provider.

Currently I work as a Senior Systems Engineer responsible for a large Lync 2013 scale deployment:
– 13’000 users worldwide
Р4 High-Availability Lync 2013 pools (~50 server roles)
РIntegration with CUCM/CUBE, Genesys Contact center, NICE recording systems integration, E911 emergency

My¬†important work¬†rule is: “There is only space to improve a solution. Even if it’s already¬†a good one in¬†place.”
…also life should be lived like a continous improvement. Unfortunaly it has always a bad ending to the hero.


One thought on “About me

  1. WS-C3750G-12S-SD 24/09/2011 / 17:56

    Hey very nice blog!! Thank you for posting this, It’s just what I was browsing on bing I’d very much rather hear opinions from an individual, rather than a corporate web page, that’s why I like blogs so much Thanks! outstanding fantastic

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