How to create Teams Live Events in Switzerland (and other regions)

About 3 weeks ago I posted the explanation why you could not schedule Teams live events in some regions like Switzerland and the options that you have to still use the Live Events: Can I make Teams Live Events in my country?

Now it’s time to show ‘option #3’: Unlock and schedule a Teams Live Event

Under the hood

Before explaining how, let’s give the technical explanation:

  1. The Teams clients builds are the same worldwide (the same version is available from Microsoft downloads) and therefore have the same capabilities.
  2. This means that for a specific Tenant or Region, the Teams client is being ‘instructed’ to block the ‘Live Event’ feature

After some days of detailed inspection on the traffic that the Client gets during the sign-in and loading, this setting caught my attention:

Since my Tenant region is ‘ch’ this could mean that the list membership triggers the client not to allow (better say ‘not show’) the scheduling of Live Events.
So…. let’s confirm the theory.

The setup

Here’s my automating cookbook.
(you could also use similar tools like Fiddler or Postman)

Step 1. Download Charles proxy, install and configure it to proxy and decode HTTPS. There are many tutorials on the internet. Here’s a detailed one.

Step 2. Now that we have a proxy inspector, lets intercept and rewrite those settings for the Teams Client:

On the tools menu, select Rewrite
(1) Enable Rewrite, (2) Add a rule and (3) name it.
(4) Add a Location. This is the URL request that we want to intercept
(5) Add a rewrite rule. We want to change the Body of the Response, by replacing the “broadcastSettings.supportedQuickStartRegions”:[ and add the region ‘ch’

That’s it ! Let’s go for the Proof-of-concept

Unlocking the Teams Live Event

With Charles Proxy running (how will see HTTP traffic running), start your browser with the Teams Web Client ( and sign-in. It should also work if you just re-launch your Windows client too as long as it uses the cached credentials.

When the client has loaded, you can look at Charles proxy to confirm that the interception has made is job

Hey Teams client! ‘ch’ is a supported Broadcast Region

Go to the Teams calendar and… schedule a Live Event 😉

Once you have schedule the meeting you don’t need the Charles Proxy. Once it’s schedule you can click it on the calendar and make the adjustments.

Now Producers, Presenters and participant can participate on a Live Event from the Teams client.

Live Event Producer Teams Client

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