Phone number formats that display the click to call icon on IE browser

You might have been asked from you company web developers what number format should they use to display the click to call icon on your intranet corporate directory, or for you customers to be able to dial from a click on your company phones number main contacts. The difficult part is to ‘google-fu’ where that is documented and/or memorize it.

Here’s how to find them.

First of all the, icon is a IE plugin that is installed with the Lync/Skype for Business and reads reads the web page content while is loading. Make sure that the plugins are running before reading this post.

By ‘analysing’ the plugin OCHelper.dll (this is the January 2016 update version, previous or future versions might differ), you will find 4 REGEX strings

by using Jex’s Regulex, let’s analyze the first expression:

The first column of numbers should display the click to call while the second will not.
+1-333-333-4444(you should see the call icon)
+1 333 333 4444
1 (333) 333 4444
+13333334444 (nope: missing separator of 4 groups of digits)
1.22.333.4444 (no 3 numbers on second group)
1.333.22.4444 (no 3 numbers on 3rd group)
1.333.333.333 (no 4 numbers on last group)

 The second expression look long, but it’s easy to understand:

This numbers should show the icon: +1-(800)-click-me, 888.1234open
But more than 9 characters after the tool-free will fail: 1.900.too-long-string

The third expression string looks dedicated to non-US (international prefix + format) numbers

This numbers should show the icon: +41 58 30 1111, +41 503 011 11
But other formats might not work  (when you try to omit your country code for national customers): (+41) 58 301 111, 58 301 111

The 4th and last expression is an attempt to cover other cases of digit grouping

But if you want to really be sure all the times, just embed on the webpage code the universal format of tel:+222222222

Now you have a ‘cheat list’ on how to embedded your telephone number on web pages 🙂



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