Lync 2013 Cmdlets cheat list

I don’t know about you, but I have some difficult to memorize powershell commands.
In Lync 2013 there are 754 cmdlets available: some that I know and use on a daily basis, a few are specific for Lync Online, several that I never used or need at all but from time to time I find out some that are useful for specific tasks and that… I forget them later.

Cmdlets-sampleGoogle is still my first tool to find out how to get some particular job done in Lync, but I decided to create a summary list Microsoft TechNet Lync 2013 cmdlets (see picture sample on the right) with:

  • The cmdlet that includes the url to the specific TechNet documentation
  • The short description of the command as is on TechNet
    (took me 2 days to build a function to extract this part of text using the page url of the first column.)
  • Add-on: default Lync RBAC groups and command assignment
    It was also another need for me to allow me to plan RBAC permissions grant and create specific roles

If this could be also useful to you, the file can be downloaded here: LyncCmdlets or at Technet

On my next available time, I plan to add more features (like categories)


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