Lync bug: the disappearing phone numbers

It started with an user reporting that, when he changes from networks (ex: wired to wireless) his phone numbers on the Lync client disappear. After more than 48 hours of simulation I was able to identify the issue. It turns out that when you have a Distribution Group on your contact list where your account is member, when you expand the list, your users Active Directory phone numbers disappear. Here’s the issue report:

The user personal phone numbers on the Lync client disappear when he expands an Active Directory distribution list where he is a member.

When the phone numbers disappear, they become unavailable to several call features (transfer calls, user the ‘join audio from’ in meetings)


  • Affects all telephones numbers of the user stored on Active Directory.
  • Affects users that have (active directory) distribution groups where their user is a member
  • Doesn’t affect phone number entered manually by the user on the Lync Client

Steps to reproduce
1. Check in your Lync client that the numbers are visible: ‘Tools > Options > phones’
Lync numbers OK

2. Search and add an active directory distribution list where the user is a member;

3. Expand the distribution list (if Lync does’t automatically do it) , go again to ‘Tools > Options > phones’ and you see that that some or all numbers disappeared
Lync numbers gone

The user does not need to logout from Lync. Search for his own contact name and the AD numbers will appear again.
Lync numbers back

Additional notes

  • After using the workaround, collapsing or expanding the same distribution list, the phone numbers don’t disappear until you logout/login back again to the Lync client and expand a list;
  • If you have more similar lists on the personal contacts and expand it will cause the same issue;
  • If you close the Lync client with the Distribution Group expanded, when you sign-in the number will disappear;
  • Even with the Distribution Group collapsed the number migth disappear at the sign-in.

UPDATE: the issue has been solved with the September 8, 2015 security update (KB3085500)


4 thoughts on “Lync bug: the disappearing phone numbers

  1. soder 22/11/2014 / 11:54

    Did you report this to PSS?

    • LuisR 24/11/2014 / 08:57

      Yeap: reported, confirmed and waiting

      • soder 24/11/2014 / 13:12

        Thanks. Eager to wait for the result.

  2. LuisR 09/09/2015 / 10:31

    The issue has been solved with September 2015 update: KB3088669

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