Lync in action – client ecosystem

What’s the most noticeable new feature about Lync 2013?
We cloud browse several sites or documentation to read quiet a lot of improvements, but for me and the end users being able to use comunicate the same way on several diferent devices is the key advantage.

I don’t have the resources to get all them, but fortunally I have good friends that I was able to join one day and make my most complete demonstration of how you can join people together in a videoconference. The following picture summarizes the result (sorry for the low resolution, but was the only way to get a full panorama – click to see it larger).

Some notes and impressions about this demo setup:
LyncConference2Devices>> Pidgin is present, but was’nt participating on the conference. The reason is explained on a previous post;
>> The Windows PC was connected to a wired network while all the others were using a wireless network;
>> in a multipoint conference Lync will only allows VGA resolution;
>> the iPad has a very good display resolution;
>> the iPhone front camera resolution is very poor compared with the back camera (not a good experience);
>> video went smoothly during the entire test.
>> there are still missing some guests: a Windows Phone, Lync WebApp, Lync Basic and Lync Attendant.

As this is what I call: a real UC experience 🙂

Now… I wonder If we could make Lync fly?


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