Lync Federation: Skype is available

MicrosoftSkypeSince May 23rd, Microsoft replace the messenger federation with Skype. There are several blogs and a Microsoft also released the official documentation, but here’s my quick provision instructions and ‘proof of work’.

Must have requirements:
*** Lync Edge configured with public certificates
*** PIC domain provisioned
*** _sipfederationtls.<_yourdomain> registered on Public DNS
*** Skype users should be logged on with a Microsoft ID account (not skype)

Instructions for Lync administrators:
1> enable federation on Access Edge Configuration
2> configure policies for user access
3> replace MSN sip provider with Skype provider
PS> Remove-CsPublicProvider -Identity Messenger
PS> New-CsPublicProvider -Identity Skype -ProxyFqdn -IconUrl -VerificationLevel 2 -Enabled 1

lync-client-skypefederationAnd then, (authorized) Lync users can add Skype contacts:
1> click on add contacts and pick Skype (see right picture);
2> you must enter the Skype user’s email in the following format: user(domain name); this step is not required for the Microsoft public domain accounts:, or For details about supported custom domain names, see “Known issues that occur with PIC and Lync / Communications Server”;
3> If your Skype contact already had your sip address, you should see his presence state after you had is contact. If not, he will receive a notification like this

Now comes the great part – you can:
> share presence
> exchange instant messaging and make peer-to-peer audio calls ! Just right click on your contact…
…and you’re talking!

And here you go: Lync-Skype federation – your company talking with million of people… anywhere, anytime!

Some notes about this federation:
> This configuration works for Lync 2013; It also works for Lync 2010, but you need to strip the iconurl parameter from the powershell command; it looks like it also works with Office Communications Server 2007R2.
> You cannot make video calls for now. It’s on Microsoft priority list but, for now, no compatible codecs are available (will Lync support SILK, or Skype will adopt RTvideo or just plain H264SVC ?)
> we can only have peer-to-peer converations. There’s no audio conference or even instant messaging (why not this last one?!)



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