UC interoperability: Lync and Polycom

Polycom strategic alliance with Microsoft provides the richest integration of 3rd party products with Lync 2010. If the CX-line is specifically designed for OCS/Lync, the recent firmware releases allows videoconferencing endpoints to register on Lync as a user/contact, support for MS RTVideo codec and even use an Exchange calendar (for room reservation). It also gives the opportunity for Lync users to participate with continuous presence video and to connect with H.323 and legacy networks. The recent acquisition of Accordent, give the capacity for Lync users to record and publish conferences.

Some of the interesting capabilities in pictures:
Lync users can see Polycom rooms as contacts with presence and initiate context based communication.
Polycom devices can search Lync GAL, save contacts, see their presence and initiate a videocall.
Polycom can participate on Lync conferences.

(from Jeff Schertz blog)

Lync clients can participate on Polycom multipoint conferencing allowing HD
(from Mike Stacey blog)
Lync user can invite Polycom devices to conferences using Exchange calendar
Endpoint can also register on Edge Server (ex: remote sites or DMZ – to keep HDX isolated while accepting internet calls from outside systems)

To have a more clear idea and vision about this integration, I invite you to see the marketing video:

More to come: Cisco and others…


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