UC interoperability: connecting Lync users with others

I already stated two key aspects of Unified Communications: converge the existing communications tools to the users work environment and wherever the user goes.
But not all persons and companies use the same UC tools: what if a corporate engineer wants to discuss a project with is strategic partner across the other continent? When is he available? How to share the documentation for a productive meeting?
The new key aspect is that UC must cross their technology boundaries and be able to inter-operate with others to give users a seamless and rich experience when communicating with people outside their company environment. Without interoperability we would have islands of UC-efficient companies…

I consider interoperability between UC systems when they can exchange presence and one or more communication type, in two categories:

  • Integration – a technology is used to extended the capacity or functionality of another (ex: a gateway or multi-point video);
  • Federation – different  technologies/manufacturers allow communication between their users.

 I will detail on the next posts the available options that I already implemented (or tested) but I will also refer to another known solutions.


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