Your mobile phone as a UC webcam

This might look  a commercial advertisement, but I would like to show you this very interesting software solution named Mobiola Webcam. The solution allows you to bring your mobile video camera(s) to your computer and use it as a webcam with other applications. It is a very small but impressive package with many connectivity options and supported platforms… and can cost less than a common PC WebCam.

Mobiola PC user control interface

There are versions for iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile (Pocket and Smartphone), Symbian (S60 and UIQ3) and you can connect it to desktop application using USB, Bluetooth or even WiFi,.. at least I could do that with my Nokia E71.
Another cool feature is that I could switch and use my main phone camera, also the front mini-camera and even show the mobile display on my Windows 7 laptop. With the user interface you can also take snapshots, record a video or even add effects to the live video stream.

Mobilia Nokia Webcam ready to use in MOC

After installing the software on your mobile, on the PC and establish the connectivity with the applications, the Mobiola appears on Windows as a Webcam device and can be used by other applications… especially UC ones. I successfully tested on Windows Live, Skype, MOC, Lync, CUPC 8.5 and CuciLync 🙂

This is a very versatile solution for mobile persons like me. I have a 720p usb webcam for personal web conferencing, but this software allows me to quickly connect my mobile phone with complete freedom. Connecting my Nokia webcam, my Plantronics Voyager PRO using Bluetooth to MOC and now I can make a video call while walking around without carrying my laptop (a live reporter !!).

One last good thing about Mobiola is that you can download and try it for free during 6 days.

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2 thoughts on “Your mobile phone as a UC webcam

  1. Gi 07/08/2011 / 15:04

    Is it completely in one program? wow it’s seem pretty easy, let’s me try

    • LuisR 08/08/2011 / 09:33

      It’s one program for the PC and and application for the mobile phone.

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