UC clients: Mobile phones

The subject of UC clients for Lync won’t be complete if I forgot to mention the mobile phones solutions. The existing solutions are somehow limited in  scope, you will find:

  • Presence and publish availability;
  • Instant messaging;
  • Contact search and detail information;
  • Some clients have additional features like exchange voice mail access to messages.

Strangely enough, Microsoft didn’t release any software version for Lync 2010 Server. To allow access to, you will need to deploy Communicator Web Access 2007 R2 internally and publish external access throught an Forefront TMG (preferarly).

For now, I will not detail existing clients. Here’s a table with known existing clients for the most common mobile phones available, and the links the the software:

Phone OS UC Software Models Server connectivity
Apple iOS iDialog iPhone
iPod touch
-CWA server required
iMOC iPhone -CWA server required
Blackberry RIM BlackBerry Client for use with OCS2007
(Tutorial here)
Devices  5 OS -CWA server required
– BES 4.1SP6 required(page report lync support comming soon)
Google Android AndrOCS (beta) Android v2.x CWA server required
aMOC lite v1.6 Android v2.x CWA server required
Nokia Symbian Communicator Mobile for Nokia 1.0 Nokia S60 series
Nokia s40
Motorola Razr
CWA Server required
Communicator Mobile for Nokia 2.0 Nokia Symbia^3
(E7, N8, C6, C7 PR2)
CWA Server required
Windows Mobile MOC mobile 2007R2 Windows 6.x – Direct lan access
– Edge Server access

As you can see, you are not limited to choose a client platform when you deploy Lync 2010 Server. On mobile phones there you are still limited to presence and instant messagin, but we need to wait for the Lync client releases that are planned


2 thoughts on “UC clients: Mobile phones

  1. Vivek Jain 20/12/2011 / 03:57

    Microsoft Office Communicator (OCS) client does not connect to Lync Server, one requires a Lync client for this. Let’s wait for Microsoft to release one soon!
    Lync is far superior than OCS

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