UC clients: Communicator 2011 for MacOSx

Communicator 2011

Communicator 2011 is a client specifically designed for Mac users to connect to OCS and Lync servers.
This is the most complete OCS client for non-windows platforms and has almost all features of MOC 2007 R2:

  • Search Corporate address Book and manage contacts;
  • Rich presence (including calendar based);
  • Presence in Office for Mac applications;
  • IM, Audio and video conferencing with multiple users;
  • IM with public and federated networks;
  • Join virtual meetings (audio+ video + content sharing);
  • Share desktop (with 13.1 update);
  • Send and receive files;
  • Make and receive PSTN voice calls.

His predecessor was Messenger for Mac 7.0.2 which was capable of connecting to both MSN and OCS but, with this corporate version, Mac users can now collaborate with traditional Windows office pc’s.

Video Conferencing with Communicator 2011

Taking advantages of the great built-in multimedia devices of Mac PC’s, we can experience great 720p video calls (picture on the left).

Communicator 2011 has a look and fell of Lync client, but you noticed on the main window, there’s no pictures with the contact names. On a conversation window you can notice a photo pane with placeholders. The client cannot retrieve photo contacts from the Lync address book services, but this photo placeholders promise that an update will add this capability.

Check this tables to compare Communicator 2011 features and capabilities with the other Microsoft Lync Server 2010 clients.

Disclaimer: the pictures in the videoconferencing are manipulated, just to give a more real experience 🙂

Update: This review is now for OCS client, since Microsoft released on October Lync for Mac, reviewed on this post.

Comments and future posts suggestions are always welcomed.


6 thoughts on “UC clients: Communicator 2011 for MacOSx

  1. Andrew 18/04/2011 / 12:21

    i am having a problem with my Mac Communicator 13.1, it tends to crash on startup as soon as I sign in.

    • LuisR 18/04/2011 / 17:36

      Sorry Andrew,
      I don’t have a deep knowledge of MAC OSx troubleshooting. My MAC station is running on a VMWare ESXi, but the problems I only run ware about lack of virtual RAM.
      Maybe the troubleshooting section of Communicator 2011 guide can help you.
      I will publish your question, so that other readers can help you out…

  2. Hank 11/05/2011 / 18:49

    Communicator 13.1 for Mac Crashes my MacBook pro too. It does this to everyone I know.

    • LuisR 11/05/2011 / 19:11

      On the MAC-vm (Leopard) it doesn’t crash, and I have 2 users at my company that are using it.
      If I or someone face that situation and find a fix, I will post the solution.

      Does it happen when you start Communicator, or after you try to sign-in?

      • Hank 24/05/2011 / 12:56

        after sign-in. it seems to happen while it’s retrieving the status of individual contacts. perhaps if it waited 10 seconds before trying it wouldn’t crash.

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