MOC vs Lync – User interface

At one of my labs I logged on the same user in a Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 R2 (the left picture) and a Lync 2010 (on the right).

The most visible change is the contact picture. Microsoft finally made Office 2010 products able to use corporate stored pictures like Active Directory or Sharepoint.

You can still configure Lync to display just the contact presence (its now a square), and you can decide if your picture is visible or change to another. Lync server administrators can also control picture display settings using Lync server user policies.

But there are some more new and improved features like:

  • Activity Feeds – similar to Facebook status feeds shows list of status changes, title changes, OOF, …;
  • Skill search – You can find “RH payment” person at your organization;
  • Conversation view – lists all the communications you have had in a single view (meetings, voice calls, IMs, …);
  • Multimedia switch button – on the bottom of the window, it allow you to switch from diferent audio devices installed on your computer, even during a conversation;
  • Share desktop, files, programs using the same client – Meetings with content sharing previously required the Live Meeting Client 2007 installed.

Comments are welcomed.

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